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5 Common Mistakes That Lose You Business

So here’s the 5 Common Mistakes That Lose You Business:

1. Your clients are clueless.

Most people cannot tell a good photo from a bad photo at all and really have no idea what they want. If you’re going to be successful in your business, that is something you need to learn and accept right now. 

2. Your clients are both confused and overwhelmed.

Every single time your prospective client has to do something, whether it be as small as clicking a link or as large as meeting with you, there’s a chance that they’ll never do it and you’ll lose the sale. 

3. Your customer service is horrible.

Be honest with yourself. Are you responding to e-mails promptly? I’m talking all e-mails, not just the new client inquiries you’re getting. Are you placing orders in a timely manner, following up with them, and going above and beyond in order to make their experience with you fantastic? Are you delivering things when you say you will? 

4. You are trying to be everything to everybody.

Do you specialise in weddings, (and portraiture and commercial photography and baby photography and landscape photography and sports photography and architectural photography and fine art and aerial photography and press &PR and food photography and don’t forget wildlife, underwater and photography of outer space too!) In other words, are you faking it, until you make it?

5. You aren’t giving your clients what they want.

The key to getting sales and clients is to offer exactly what they are looking for. When is the last time you bought something you really didn’t want (and didn’t HAVE to buy)?


Have a think about it over the weekend and we’ll ‘flesh‘ the above topics out next week……

Have a good weekend everyone!



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