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CAT | National Photographic Awards

The 2014 IPPA Photographer of the Year is Peter Gordon. 

To see the winning images click here

Best Architectural Portfolio: Donal Murphy

Best Single Architectural Image: Enda Cavanagh

Best Commercial Advertising Single Image: Suzy McCanny

Best Fashion Portfolio: Dermot Byrne

Best Human Form Portfolio: Michael Hayes

Best Single Image Human Form: Michael Hayes

Best Landscape Portfolio: Peter Gordon

Best Single Landscape: Peter Gordon

Open Art & Creativity Portfolio: Mark Russell Hill

Open Art & Creativity  Single Image:  Mark Russell Hill

Best Classical Portraiture Portfolio: Claire Durkin

Best Single Image Classical Portraiture: Claire Durkin

Best Contemporary Portrait Portfolio (including pets): Michael Hayes

Best Contemporary Portrait Image: Cormac Byrne

Best Children’s Portrait Portfolio: Nicole Le Saout

Best Children’s Portrait Image: Nicola Webster

Best Press and Editorial Portfolio: Michael McLoughlin

Best Press and Editorial image: John Kavanagh

Best Pictorial Travel & Fine Art Portfolio: Michael McLoughlin

Best Pictorial Travel & Fine Art Image: Kelvin Gilmor

Best Classical Wedding Portfolio: Claire Durkin

Best Classical Wedding Image: Claire Durkin

Best Contemporary Wedding Portfolio: Michael McLoughlin

Best Contemporary Wedding Image: Nicola Webster

Best Wildlife Portfolio: Philip Pound

Best Wildlife Image: Phillip Pound

Best Reportage Wedding Portfolio: Dermot Culhane

Best Wedding Reportage Image: Peter Gordon

Chairman’s Award: Gosia Tuznik

IPPA Wedding Photographer of the Year is Claire Durkin

IPPA Portrait Photographer of the Year is Claire Durkin

Winning images will be amended to this post when they are provided to me by council and reproduced with the kind permission of all the winners. Many thanks to Mike Conn and and all the staff at Conns Cameras for the sponsorship once again of the ‘Photographer of the Year” prize of a Canon 6D camera.

It would be remiss of me, on behalf of all members, not to thank Mick Quinn and all the judges who gave their time and effort throughout the year. They are the lifeblood of the awards process and to Robert Allen for his organisation of trophies and prints etc.

Well done to all the winners but it is equally important to mention all those who entered and participated in the process. Lets hope there is as many participants next year.

Cormac O’Kelly


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Burning Man Project

Peter Gordon IPPA Photographer of the Year 2013

This is a recent interview with Peter Gordon, the 2013 IPPA Photographer of the Year. Peter was kind enough to give up some time to go on camera to be asked a few questions about his photography career to date and what future projects are ahead.

I hope you enjoy it and please forgive some of the (natural) lighting issues we had to contend with. Just click on the video below…


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….. Peter Gordon.

The other category and image winners for 2013 were as follows:

The various images of those who won in various categories.

Click on the image to be taken to the gallery of winners for 2013


2013 Best Architecture Portfolio – Enda Cavanagh

2013 Best Architecture Image – No Award Given

2013 Best Commercial / Advertising Award – Cormac Byrne

2013 Best Fashion & The Human Form Portfolio – Michael Hayes

2013 Best Fashion & The Human Form Image – Edel Kelly

2013 Best Landscape Portfolio – Peter Gordon

2013 Best Landscape Image – Peter Gordon

2013 Best Open Art & Creativity Portfolio – Michael McLoughlin

2013 Best Open Art & Creativity Image – Michael McLoughlin

2013 Best Children & Family Portraiture Portfolio – Corin Bishop

2013 Best Children & Family Portraiture Images – Corin Bishop

2013 Best Classical Portrait Portfolio – Claire Durkin

2013 Best Classical Portrait Image – Claire Durkin

2013 Best Contemporary Portrait Portfolio – Claire Dunne

2013 Best Contemporary Portrait Image – Maria Dunphy

2013 Best Press & P.R. Portfolio – No Award Given

2013 Best Press & P.R. Image – Michael McLaughlin

2013 Best Pictorial, Travel & Fine Art Portfolio – Peter Gordon

2013 Best Pictorial, Travel & Fine Art Image – Peter Gordon

2013 Best Wedding Classical Portfolio – Paddy Clarke

2013 Best Wedding Classical Image – Paddy Clarke

2013 Best Contemporary Wedding Portfolio – Peter Gordon (Merit Award also awarded to Dermot Culhane)

2013 Best Contemporary Wedding Image – Dermot Culhane

2013 Best Wildlife Portfolio – Sheena Jolley

2013 Best Wildlife Image – Phil Pound

A special mention to Raimonda Milasiene who took home the 2013 Student of the Year IPPA Award.

Many congratulations to all those who, not only won awards this year but to those who entered and participated in the process. Many thanks to Mick Quinn and the other judges who gave their time throughout the year the judging sessions and finally to those on counsel responsible for the organisation of the awards ceremony. Well done all!

More on the 2013 awards and the winners over the coming days and weeks.

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A week or so after Peter O’Donnell triumphed at the 2012 IPPA National Photographic Awards, we were able to have a quick interview with him over the phone.

He talks about his win, his photography, his vision and the important person who has supported him every step of the way.


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2012's prizes © IPPA 2012

The IPPA Annual National Photographic Awards were held last night at the Burlington Hotel in Dublin. In all 37 awards were handed out across a wide range of photographic disciplines.

The big winners on the night were Peter O’Donnell, who won IPPA Photographer of the Year for the second time in three years, and Henk van Kooten, who won the inaugural IPPA International Photographer of the Year.

Another notable domestic winner was John Ryan, who picked up no fewer than four category awards.

Full list of winners

Architecture Single Image: Donal Murphy
Architecture Portfolio: Donal Murphy
Best Bridal Portfolio International: Jose Luis Guardia Vazquez
Bridal Portfolio: John Ryan
Commercial Single Image: Peter Clayton
Commercial Portfolio: Donal Murphy
Fashion Single Image: Cormac Byrne
Fashion Portfolio: Owen O’Connor
Fine Art/Human Form Single: John Ryan
Fine Art/Human Form Portfolio: John Ryan
International Fine Art/Human Form Single: Henk van Kooten
Landscape Single Image: Peter O’Donnell
Landscape Portfolio: Peter O’Donnell
International Open Art & Creativity Single: Henk van Kooten
International Open Art & Creativity Portfolio: Henk van Kooten
Open Art & Creativity Single: Dermot Byrne
Open Art & Creativity Portfolio: Michael McLaughlin
Pets Single: Maria Dunphy
Pets Portfolio: Maria Dunphy
Child Portraiture Single: Nicole La Saout
Child Portraiture Portfolio: Tanya Crosbie
Classic Portraiture Single: Joe McHugh
Classic Portraiture Portfolio: Tanya Crosbie
Press & PR Single Image: Chris Bellew
Press & PR Portfolio: Chris Bellew
Pictorial and Travel Single Image: Enda Cavanagh
Pictorial and Travel Portfolio: Michael McLaughlin
Wedding Classical Portfolio: Paul Callaghan
Wedding Reportage Single Image: John Ryan
Wedding Reportage Portfolio: Robert Mullan
International Wedding Contemporary Portfolio: Jose Luis Guardia Peinado
International Wedding Contemporary Single: Jose Luis Guardia Peinado
Wedding Contemporary Single: Paul Callaghan
Wedding Contemporary Portfolio: Corin Bishop
Wildlife Single Image: Philip Pound
Wildlife Portfolio: Philip Pound
IPPA International Photographer of the Year 2012: Henk van Kooten
IPPA Photographer of the Year 2012: Peter O’Donnell

Interviews on the night

Vincent O’Byrne, Chairman of Judging, IPPA National Photographic Awards 2012


 Vinnie O’Byrne – Chairman of this year”s IPPA judging and awards (mp3)

Gareth Byrne, IPPA President


 Gareth Byrne, IPPA President on tonight”s awards (mp3)

John Ryan and Peter O’Donnell (IPPA Photographer of the Year 2012)

 Winners John Ryan and Peter O’Donnell talk about their awards (mp3)

Henk van Kooten (IPPA International Photographer of the Year) and Chris Bellew

  Henk van Kooten and Chris Bellew talk of their IPPA Awards wins (mp3)

Maria Dunphy

 Maria Dunphy talks of her Pet wins (mp3)

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