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The Jack and Jill Foundation is this year’s IPPA Happy Faces partner. If you’re not sure what the foundation does, have a listen to the interview below that IPPA council member Roger Overall did with John Gaffney, a father who had to come to terms with a terminally ill baby daughter.

Referee John Gaffney explains how the Jack and Jill Foundation helped his family (mp3)

Parents of children born with life-threatening or terminal brain damage receive little or nothing in the way of help from the state. In John Gaffney’s case, his family didn’t receive any state assistance until two days before his daughter passed away. Jack and Jill did help, though, providing nursing and respite help during the ten weeks that John’s daughter lived.

If Jack and Jill were to go away tomorrow, and the children it looks after were to go into hospital to receive the care Jack and Jill provides at home, it would cost the state €45million annually. A sobering thought. Yet the foundation only receives just over a tenth of that in aid from the government.

If you’d like to participate in this year’s Happy Faces initiative, time is running out. Take action today.

And if you’d like to buy the calendar of semi-naked referees, here is the website mentioned by John in the interview: ISRS Cork.

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