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Making your iPad a Second Monitor.

A while back I posted an article on tethering your camera to an iPad wirelessly from Lee Morris of Fstoppers fame. Well here is another that might interest you from the same guys. It’s how you can wirelessly tether your iPad and use it as a second monitor in conjunction with a laptop or desktop for editing and other things.



And HERE is the link to buy the App.

Enjoy it and I hope it helps. If you find it useful perhaps you might leave a comment and tell us how you got on.


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An iPad in your business.

I had somebody ask me recently to give a course on the iPad (or the iPad Mini) in business. If you are not, you should be! Here are just some thoughts on what you could be doing.

What can you do with an overgrown iPod Touch? Can you really use it in your photography business? Here are a few things you could do with…

  • Use the iPad to carry around your virtual portfolio with thousands of prime examples of your work, rather than just dozens or hundreds.
  • When not using it actively, use the iPad in your studio as a digital photo frame to ‘sell ideas’ to clients as they wait for their appointment times: to display photos, videos, and presentations created using popular Mac and iPad photo, video, and presentation apps.
  • Do a photo shoot out in a remote location, and you can instantly upload and view photos full screen at nearly 8”x10” (1024×768 screen resolution) Zoom in, you can view a tiny portion of any image, such as checking everyone in a large group photo for blinking eyes. You’ll need an EyeFi card for this one though but you can pick one up for under €100.
  • Upload photos from camera (or memory card) with the Camera Connection kit and use the iPad to show clients the proofs.
  • Upload photos from iPad to directly to popular social media sites. If you have a 3G iPad, you can upload from anywhere you have mobile signal.
  • If you are already doing lots of digital offerings, be sure to offer an iPhoto/iPad album option to clients.
  • You will soon be able to use Paypal or similar payment system with iPhone or iPad to process credit/debit payments instantly.
  • Keep brochures, rate cards, invoices or whatever in the cloud  (via Evernote or Google Docs) and have instant access to them wherever you are.
  • The iPad is never going to replace a desktop computer for photo editing. However, it does come in handy when you are looking to quickly edit a few pictures. Once the pictures are on your iPad, there are lots of great apps you can use to edit your photos.
    • Filterstorm – This is probably my favorite photo editing app. It allows for more advanced editing like adding text, canvas size, editing the curves, redeye, and it even allows for layers.
    • PhotoFX – If you are looking to just add a quick effect (glamour, faded, film, etc.) to your picture, this is the app for you.
    • PS Express – Allows you to do basic editing like crop, contrast, sharpen, and add borders.


Potential problems with an iPad – here are just a few that spring to mind.

Unlike a photo album, drop an iPad just once onto a hard surface and the screen probably breaks.

Like any tech device, it doesn’t work when the battery is dead.

Could be a bit hard to view in direct sunlight.

Don’t expect to do lots of heavy-duty text entry and editing on an iPad unless you go with a wireless (bluetooth) keyboard. It is possible, but anything more than a quick email or one-page summary starts to get cumbersome switching between the 3 on-screen keyboards (letters, numbers, and punctuation).