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An Interview with Vincent O’Byrne

I had the idea to interview some of our members, thus saving my fingers from poor typing skills. Vincent O’Byrne is the first victim of my efforts! I thought it fitting as he is the IPPA President Elect and due to take up his tenure in October. The video has a number of Vinnie’s excellent images, followed by the interview.


IPPA INTERVIEW Vinnie O’Byrne from Striking Images on Vimeo.

The video is my first attempt at this and I would very much welcome your input. If you would like to tweet me (Twitter: @strikingimages) with possible candidates or other questions you would like put to  potential ‘video victims’ – I would be grateful. If they are willing, I have a list of other members I intend to put in front of the camera. These include not just our member photographers but also trade suppliers too and I will probably ask the same questions to get some uniformity to the interviews (and ease the editing process). That said, I really would welcome your input as I would like to make this very much a collaborative effort.

Hope you enjoy it and many thanks to Vinnie for his patience and participation in this small project.

Let me know if you like it in the comments below, on Twitter, Facebook or give me a call.



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So is your MARKETING ….

….edgy, cool, fun, funny, attractive, innovative, uplifting, inspiring, modern? So is your marketing WORKING?Dollar Shave Club,Marketing, IPPA,


Have a look at how Dollar Shave Club are doing it. It’s probably not the most exciting product or industry in the world. If you are involved in sales and the pitching process of your photography business, you will understand how difficult it is to win new clients. that is before you consider the cost of advertising and marketing that goes behind all your efforts. So if you have not got the time to go to shows, networking meetings and other events, maybe there is an easier way!

If you are a small business there is no way to compete for your share with all the marketing ‘noise’ that is out there, so maybe you could try YouTube or Vimeo.

Here is how Dollar Shave Club have done it.

What Dollar Shave Club have done is taken an average product and made it ‘remarkable’. How? by creating a funny viral video, using the fact that it is an average product as the key selling point. This video provided Dollar Shave Club with 12,000 customers in the first two days of opening its e-doors.

As of this writing, nearly 6 million people have watched this video. The average CPC for a group of “shave” related keywords is currently around €0.80. Its unlikely you have almost €5 million to spend on marketing though, right? What Dollar Shave Club have done is get in front of as many people without the associated and traditional marketing expense. They currently rank number 3 on for the keyword ‘shave’.

For something a little closer to home (and a little lower on the production values) One Pound Fish has racked up over 2 million views on You Tube of the market stall trader at Queens Market Upton Park in London.


Be creative,  it’s worth it!

If you can stand out by creating great content like this and essentially pitch to potentially millions of potential customers with a single online video, surely that’s far more efficient than any other sales activity is likely to be.

And the long-term value is huge – especially in this case where you can generate sales from day one of the campaign and then incrementally build upon it. It’s definitely one of the best integrated social/content campaigns I’ve seen in a long-time.



Wouldn’t it be great to be able to studio shoot and have clients look at those pictures regardless of where you are. No need for a Wi-Fi network. Just seamlessly being able to transfer your pictures from your camera directly to your iPad, in the hands of clients across the room, across the car park, in fact on any location. Seconds after you have click the shutter, the image appears in your iPad or even better, their iPad!

I had read about this idea recently but it did involve the ‘jail breaking’ of your iPad and that was something that I was not really keen on doing. Now though it can be done without the jailbreak.

What do you need? Well an iPad (obviously) and a camera with an SD slot. Then the final purchase is either a Pro Eye-Fi card or the cheaper version, the Connect X2 Card. which you can get from Amazon.

This video from the guys at Fstoppers takes you through the process.

Eye-Fi released an update to their iPad app which includes some pretty helpful updates.
New features:
– Landscape mode support in the gallery view
– “Add network” button to automatically add the Wi-Fi network to the iOS device even when the Direct Mode network is not broadcasting
– Directly transfer from iOS device to computer when they are on the same Wi-Fi network (requires the user to set the computer destination for the iOS device in Eye-Fi Center again to enable this feature)
– Email up to 5 photos through the native mail app

User Interface:
– Show icons for items pending transfer and actively transferring
– Icon in the tray to indicate when connected to a Direct Mode network
– Added Spanish and Italian languages
– Double tap to zoom into a photo (only on iPhone4 and iPads)
– Smoother transitions when swiping through photos
– Single tap to dismiss the navigation elements in single photo view
– Provide feedback when card is not paired to device on a Direct Mode network

– Stability improvements
– Turn off video transfers from the Eye-Fi Card to the iOS device if the video type is not supported by iOS
– Screenshots are now automatically uploaded

If you had a little extra money, you could buy the ShutterSnitch iPad app as it has many more professional features and the new version is extremely stable.

All of this information is from a great website that you probably already know about, I’m sold and have the card on order.

So now if you don’t have an iPad, at least you can justify getting one!

Hope this post was useful.

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Happy Faces Day Video

IPPA member Paul Dorrell has produced this promotional video to help get the message out about Happy Faces Day.

Happy Faces Day 2012 Promo from Paul Dorrell on Vimeo.




Happy Faces Training

The preparation for IPPA’s Happy Faces charity initiative is underway and participating members are attending training sessions to learn how they can get the most out of the initiative.

The first one was held on Monday in Dublin. Other meetings are scheduled during January at locations throughout the country. You can find out more and still sign up by clicking on the dedicated Happy Faces webpages.

Meanwhile, member Paul Dorrell has produced this video of the Leinster training event.

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