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IPPA Photographer of the Year 2012/2013

It is with great pleasure that I welcome Mick Quinn FIPPA as the new chairman of  IPPA Judging for 2012. I would like to take this opportunity to express my thanks and gratitude to Vincent O’Byrne FIPPA who has given so many years of valuable service to the Association during his term as chairperson. The IPPA awards are a major highlight in the IPPA calender year. Council have made a full review of the awards programme with the aim of maintaining a standard of excellence in photography as a priority. To start the ball rolling Mick Quinn kindly hosted a judge’s training weekend with Kevin Wilson FIPPA who is a renowned international judge. Taking on board Kevin’s advice we decided that the Olympic style of awards (i.e. gold, silver, bronze) is something that resonates with the public and is universally understood. Mick carried out a comprehensive review of the last two of years awards and the specific scores that were awarded in each category. With this in mind we have reduced the number of eligible categories from 17 to 13.  All disciplines are still represented within the categories for 2012/2013. One of the major changes is that ‘Diamond’ is no longer awarded, meaning that ‘Gold’ sits where Diamond was previously awarded. One distinct difference will be that for the end of year judging when participants are required to furnish printed images, each photographer may use Gold, Silver and Bronze images as part of their qualifying portfolios and single images.

Under this new system the standard required for ‘Bronze’ is considerably higher than previous years. I would advise and encourage members not to be put off by these changes as we are looking to help and improve the standards of everyone’s photography. The judging evenings will also change and be held in two sessions, a social photography session from 2-5pm and a commercial photography session from 6-9pm. A timetable has been devised with judges who are trained in their chosen fields judging the categories that they specialise in. By having separate judging sessions we are drawing on a wider pool of expertise and offering more constructive judging to help members understand and improve the standard of their photography. These judging sessions will be recorded and made available online for members who cannot attend. The first judging heat is May 14th with a closing date for entries of May 9th. If you have any questions please feel free to contact Mick at or the IPPA HQ

I would like to wish each participating photographer the very best of luck for 2012!

Gareth Byrne FIPPA


The Categories for 2012/2013:

ARC : Architectural / Industrial (commissioned only)

CAD : Commercial / Advertising (commissioned only)

FAS : Fashion / The Human Form

LSC : Landscape

OAC : Open Art & Creativity PCH :

Portrait Children & Family

PCL : Portrait Classical

PCM : Portrait Contemporary

PTR : Pictorial, Travel & Fine Art

PPR : Press / P.R. (commissioned only)

WCM : Wedding Contemporary (only from ‘Real’ wedding days)

WCL : Wedding Classical (only from ‘Real’ wedding days)

WLI : Wildlife

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