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A Late Resolution – Tidy Up!

How much junk mail, out dated subscriptions, spam and other crap do you receive into your inbox in any given week? How much time do you waste selecting, wondering, deleting all that email? How much of it remains clogging up your account on your providers server? Do you ever get a message from your server informing you that you are close to your maximum allocation of memory on your email. Time to do something about that!



Do yourself a favour and the next time rubbish arrives in your inbox from someone or something you subscribed to in 2004 and never read or need anymore, open it, scroll down and click on the unsubscribe button. It’s easy!

What if they dont have an ‘unsubscribe‘ button? Then politely email them and ask to be removed. You’ll save time in the long run, I’m sure of it.



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