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….. Peter Gordon.

The other category and image winners for 2013 were as follows:

The various images of those who won in various categories.

Click on the image to be taken to the gallery of winners for 2013


2013 Best Architecture Portfolio – Enda Cavanagh

2013 Best Architecture Image – No Award Given

2013 Best Commercial / Advertising Award – Cormac Byrne

2013 Best Fashion & The Human Form Portfolio – Michael Hayes

2013 Best Fashion & The Human Form Image – Edel Kelly

2013 Best Landscape Portfolio – Peter Gordon

2013 Best Landscape Image – Peter Gordon

2013 Best Open Art & Creativity Portfolio – Michael McLoughlin

2013 Best Open Art & Creativity Image – Michael McLoughlin

2013 Best Children & Family Portraiture Portfolio – Corin Bishop

2013 Best Children & Family Portraiture Images – Corin Bishop

2013 Best Classical Portrait Portfolio – Claire Durkin

2013 Best Classical Portrait Image – Claire Durkin

2013 Best Contemporary Portrait Portfolio – Claire Dunne

2013 Best Contemporary Portrait Image – Maria Dunphy

2013 Best Press & P.R. Portfolio – No Award Given

2013 Best Press & P.R. Image – Michael McLaughlin

2013 Best Pictorial, Travel & Fine Art Portfolio – Peter Gordon

2013 Best Pictorial, Travel & Fine Art Image – Peter Gordon

2013 Best Wedding Classical Portfolio – Paddy Clarke

2013 Best Wedding Classical Image – Paddy Clarke

2013 Best Contemporary Wedding Portfolio – Peter Gordon (Merit Award also awarded to Dermot Culhane)

2013 Best Contemporary Wedding Image – Dermot Culhane

2013 Best Wildlife Portfolio – Sheena Jolley

2013 Best Wildlife Image – Phil Pound

A special mention to Raimonda Milasiene who took home the 2013 Student of the Year IPPA Award.

Many congratulations to all those who, not only won awards this year but to those who entered and participated in the process. Many thanks to Mick Quinn and the other judges who gave their time throughout the year the judging sessions and finally to those on counsel responsible for the organisation of the awards ceremony. Well done all!

More on the 2013 awards and the winners over the coming days and weeks.

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A Late Resolution – Tidy Up!

How much junk mail, out dated subscriptions, spam and other crap do you receive into your inbox in any given week? How much time do you waste selecting, wondering, deleting all that email? How much of it remains clogging up your account on your providers server? Do you ever get a message from your server informing you that you are close to your maximum allocation of memory on your email. Time to do something about that!



Do yourself a favour and the next time rubbish arrives in your inbox from someone or something you subscribed to in 2004 and never read or need anymore, open it, scroll down and click on the unsubscribe button. It’s easy!

What if they dont have an ‘unsubscribe‘ button? Then politely email them and ask to be removed. You’ll save time in the long run, I’m sure of it.



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Client: “If you can do this job cheap, we have a lot more work for you in the future.”

You: “That sounds great and I really appreciate loyalty. Here’s what I’ll do for you Seanie. Because you’re promising me more work in exchange for a reduced price here, what I like to do is I’ll flip that. I’ll charge you my full fee on this first job, and when that next job comes in, I’ll offer you a reduction in my fee of 10-percent.”

Client: “Hmmmm, that’s interesting.”

You: “It is Seanie, it is! A lot of my clients really appreciate my flexibility to bend a bit in this difficult economy. And, let me sweeten the pot a little more. When that third job comes my way, I’ll increase that reduction to 20-percent. And even better, I’ll discount the fourth job 30-percent. So, when can we get started on this project?”

You’ve called his bluff and the total discount across all four jobs amounts to only 15-percent.

If you don’t get the job you will have found out three things:

#1 The client was fishing for a bottom feeder and you didn’t bite.

#2 You now know that in refusing your discount offer this client would have zero loyalty to you and is just looking for the lowest bidder out there.

#3 The clients who only seek out the lowest-priced supplier usually are more trouble than they’re worth. But you already knew that, didn’t you!

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