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Client: “If you can do this job cheap, we have a lot more work for you in the future.”

You: “That sounds great and I really appreciate loyalty. Here’s what I’ll do for you Seanie. Because you’re promising me more work in exchange for a reduced price here, what I like to do is I’ll flip that. I’ll charge you my full fee on this first job, and when that next job comes in, I’ll offer you a reduction in my fee of 10-percent.”

Client: “Hmmmm, that’s interesting.”

You: “It is Seanie, it is! A lot of my clients really appreciate my flexibility to bend a bit in this difficult economy. And, let me sweeten the pot a little more. When that third job comes my way, I’ll increase that reduction to 20-percent. And even better, I’ll discount the fourth job 30-percent. So, when can we get started on this project?”

You’ve called his bluff and the total discount across all four jobs amounts to only 15-percent.

If you don’t get the job you will have found out three things:

#1 The client was fishing for a bottom feeder and you didn’t bite.

#2 You now know that in refusing your discount offer this client would have zero loyalty to you and is just looking for the lowest bidder out there.

#3 The clients who only seek out the lowest-priced supplier usually are more trouble than they’re worth. But you already knew that, didn’t you!

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