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An Interview with Vincent O’Byrne

I had the idea to interview some of our members, thus saving my fingers from poor typing skills. Vincent O’Byrne is the first victim of my efforts! I thought it fitting as he is the IPPA President Elect and due to take up his tenure in October. The video has a number of Vinnie’s excellent images, followed by the interview.


IPPA INTERVIEW Vinnie O’Byrne from Striking Images on Vimeo.

The video is my first attempt at this and I would very much welcome your input. If you would like to tweet me (Twitter: @strikingimages) with possible candidates or other questions you would like put to ¬†potential ‘video victims’ – I would be grateful. If they are willing,¬†I have a list of other members I intend to put in front of the camera. These include not just our member photographers but also trade suppliers too and I will probably ask the same questions to get some uniformity to the interviews (and ease the editing process). That said, I really would welcome your input as I would like to make this very much a collaborative effort.

Hope you enjoy it and many thanks to Vinnie for his patience and participation in this small project.

Let me know if you like it in the comments below, on Twitter, Facebook or give me a call.



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